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Edition 39 - Page 4 of 12 August 18, 2005
The HOFI System
THE SYSTEM Starts with the ergonomic use of tools, the hammer and anvil. This is followed by the creation of elements that can be used in a variety of applications by the artist blacksmith. This is facilitated by the use of specialy designed dies for the power hammer.

Hofi teaches his students forging, mathematics and art combined into one subject. By teaching them to produce simple elements he gives them the ability to do do usefull work almost immediately.

LEFT: The Hofi anvil and Hofi Hammer, both designed by Uri Hofi.
BigBLU Hofi Combination and Crown dies THE DIES have been carefully developed over a period of years. They are a revolution in artistic forging technology.

Currently most people are teaching the use of industrial methods for artistic forging requiring dozens of clamp on dies, clapper dies and all manner of special tooling for the power hammer. The Hofi system does away with most of that replacing the industrial methods for artistic ones requiring only two simple pairs of dies.
The combination dies apply edge geometry that has been well known in industrial forging but has not been applied to dies for artist blacksmith. Most combination dies are flat industrial work surfaces combined with a fast drawing radiused surface. Eliptical corners allow smooth drawing of a wide range of tapers.

The Hofi combination dies have eliptical corners and flat centers that are designed to draw, shape, flatten and to isolate mass. More tasks are performed with one tool thus increasing efficiency. The smith is also allowed to be more creative.
Free hand Forging of a leaf entirely on the combination dies. Thorn like spikes can be pinched from the stem of the leaf on the corners of the die adding to the textural effects. space
Forming a blank under the crown dies.

The crown dies are the ultimate in free hand forging. Their compound curved surfaces are as close to manipulating hot iron with ones fingers as one can get.

Working to the side of the dies work can be pinched or spread at the edge of the work. Working on the center will draw directionaly as needed. Both smooth and coarse textures can be created by simple manipulation of the stock.
Click for annimation Spreading a leaf texture under the crown dies. The crown dies allow highly directional drawing as well as double sided texturing. Having the same texture on both sides of the work is much more three dimensional than normal flat forging on the anvil.

Two sizes of crown dies are avaiable for different size work. The smaller dies are good for working in tight places or doing detail work.

<< - Click image for annimation.
Uri Hofi will teach his blacksmithing method anywhere in the world he is invited. He has regularly been teaching hand forging classes at Ed Mack's "Center for Metal Arts" in Florida, NY. . He teaches both hand forging and power hammer forging at his kibbutz in Israel and the Institute of Professions in Berlin Germany. He is scheduled for annual classes at the Power Hammer School in Mooresville NC. His power hammer die system is sold in the United States exclusively by Big BLU Power Hammers who also sells and manufacturers his hand hammers under license.

His power hammer forging methods are taught regularly at the Power Hammer School by Dean Curfman and others taught by Hofi as well as Hofi himself.

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