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Edition 39 - Page 9 of 12 August 18, 2005
Power Hammer School with Uri Hofi
August advanced class
The advanced class was filled with professional smiths who all had extensive power hammer experiance. Some had taken classes with Hofi before and some not. This class moved a lot faster in order to cover the 50 some elements demonstrated. These included forged 360 degree turns and forging pipe and rectangular tubing.

Attending : Ben Andrews - Turbine Technicians, Mike Braddee, Geren Conklin, Gary Cremeens, Rodger Dixon, Preston Farabow - Aespyre, Inc., Andy Chapman - Aespyre, Inc., Doug Merkel - Bear Mountain Forge, John Pozadzides - Texas Metal Works, Nigel Touder - Touder Ironworks.

Doug Merkel of Bear Mountain Forge working at a BigBLU. Forging a ring by stretching the edge with crown dies. space
Geren Conklin another happy camper forging pipe on the Big BLU.

Many of these professionals have taken classes as well as taught classes in various schools world wide. They were all impressed as I was by the preparation and smooth operation of the classes.

Their only negative comment is that they would have liked more time (as in the standard class) to practice each element before moving on.
Hofi and Doug Merkel showing Hofi's new method of attaching a candle cup or pan to a stem.

This was one of the last demos during the advanced class. Due to the need for custom made tools the students were only shown a demonstration of the method.
The tools below were used to rigidly stake the pan or cup onto the tapered stem. This does away with welding or brazing and makes a tight clean joint.
Tools image from iForge demo

Details to be shown in an upcoming iForge demo by Uri Hofi.

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