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The most comprehensive blacksmithing information site on the Internet. Forums, chat and questions answered daily by the gurus. Hundreds of projects, plans, FAQs, reviews and blacksmithing NEWS.

August 11, 2004
Unique [Today] 1150
Unique [Average] 1000.50
Total Pages [Today] 5588
Total Pages [Average] 5400.50

Actual Traffic: Due to the Top 50 list only taking a sampling of pages with their link code on them a lot of traffic is missed. The larger the site and lower the percentage of pages with code the more is uncounted. Statistics from anvilfire's counters and server logs report a more accurate picture.
Unique Daily Avg. 4,000
Unique Monthly 54,000
Pages per Day Avg. 36,374
Pages Feb. 2004 1,091,243

Rank Title - Description Today Average
2 Artist Blacksmith's Assn of North America - non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of the art and craft of blacksmithing 178 163.75
3 Blacksmiths Depot - Worlds Finest Hammers, Tongs and all of your other Blacksmithing needs at Affordable Prices. 139 130.00
4 Blacksmith's Journal - A great resource for how-to information, kits, tools, books, and videos on blacksmithing. Get your hands on this comprehensive step-by-step instruction, giving you tips, techniques, and design ideas. 124 128.25
5 The Forge Works - Blacksmithing and Ornamental Iron. We specialize in black powder rendezvous and Civil War reenacting. Tent stakes, s-hooks, and any item you may need for home and camp. We also do custom work. 63 53.00
6 Guild of Metalsmiths - Useful website for the Metalsmiths (ferrous and non) of Minnesota, Wisconsin and any else who wants to take a gander. 42 52.50
7 Big BLU Hammer Mfg. Company - Home of the Big BLU QC Power hammer with the Uri Hofi Quick Change Die system. Industrial Gold Air Compressors, forging supplies and Hofi Hammers. 26 23.75
8 Ozark School of Blacksmithing - Blacksmithing tools and Courses 18 20.25
9 Paw-Paw's Forge - Jim 'Paw-Paw' Wilson blacksmith and author of The Revolutionary Blacksmith 10 12.25
10 Peddinghaus Forged Steel Anvils - The only forged steel anvil sold in North America. German forged steel blacksmiths' and farriers' anvil information. Specifications and photos. Dealer listings and links. 22 11.50
Rankings on August 11, 2004 at 12:30 PM. As new sites join and traffic varies ranking changes hour by hour. Sites 3, 7, 9 and 10 are hosted, built and maintained by the anvilfire webmaster. (Now 13/50 5-1-2005)

NOTE:    "Unique" users are determined by numerical IP address. These addresses are automaticaly assigned when a user connects to the internet. Some users may have only one IP address and others several a day and dozens during a month. At anvilfire we estimate that the total REAL users are 3/4 of the "unique" daily users but only 1/3 of the monthly users.

This means that approximately 18,000 people from 122 countries access anvilfire monthly. That is approximately three times the traffic of our nearest competition (, closed as of 2005) and 10 to 12 times the number two site above. In agregate anvilfire and its sister sites have about the same traffic as all the other blacksmithing sites on the Internet combined. This year (2004) will have 1,680,000 visits! In 2005 will have well over TWO MILLION visits.

NOTE: As of December 2006 left the Top 50 sites due to demands by the operators to change the code on hundreds of pages. Rather than changing or fixing problems on their end they made it the problem of hundreds of web sites, a dozen of which we maintain.