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Edition 39 - Page 6 of 12 August 18, 2005
Power Hammer School
July - August 2005 with Uri Hofi
July 31, 2005 Power Hammer School class
The July 31, 2005 class with Uri Hofi, Steve Barringer, Dean Curfman and elements produced during class.
Attending: Peter Givenco, Pierre Grenier, Dan Hawachin, Glen Horr, Rick Jay, Jeff Lee, Benard Pelletier, Geni Rich, Ted Thompson and Greg Kelly.    Click for details of elements 
July class paying rapt attention to Uri Hofi. Before each element was forged Uri would explain how it was going to be made and the techniques used. Then he would demonstrate making the piece and the students would then make theirs. space

Hofi Demonstrating isolating stock for a ball and drawing a tapered shank. space
Glenn Horr Highland Forge Hofi talking to Glenn Horr
Hofi talking to Glenn Horr -- LEFT: Glenn at power hammer.
Ingersol Rand

When the air was a little short running FIVE power hammers Steve's friends at Ingersol Rand came to the rescue with a loaner screw air compressor. This model is designed to be silent (and is) so that it can be run in office and laboratory environments.

Big BLU Hammer Manufacturing now recommends and sells Ingersol Rand air compressors for use with their hammers.
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