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Edition 35 - Page 15 of 18 September 28, 2004
SOFA Quadstate Conference
Troy, Ohio : Tools, tools, tools. . .
Vulcan Anvil with arm and hammer logo. This is one of several cast iron steel faced anvils based on the Fisher-Norris system.

Below: A couple old swage blocks. The solid section in the middle of the block on the right is the result of a missing core. The rough area there represents the filling of the core print by the mold maker. This is a common flaw on many old blocks.

Antique, collector's items, museum pieces or working tool? That is the quandry today.
Anvil Collection and unusual anvil stand.

The common cast iron stands look like a tapered wooden base and are hollow. This one is solid under the anvil and VERY heavy. It sold the first day.
Antique Bench Vises: Click for detail

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