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Edition 35 - Page 18 of 18 September 28, 2004
SOFA Quadstate Conference
Troy, Ohio
Photo (c) 2004 Jock Dempsey Two Hay-Buddens  The largest (800 pounds) and the smallest Hay-Budden anvils.

You could travel all over the country to find many of the tools on display at Quad State.
50 pound Little Giant reclining. space
Photo Copyright (c) 2004 by Brian Cornish LEFT: Tyler Cornish with Ken Scharabo's anvil. When he wasn't pumping iron Tyler helped at Paw-Paw's table selling books. Photo by Brian Cornish.

Photo Copyright (c) 2004 by Brian Cornish. Tony Bartol starting Paw-Paw's cart race. . . Paw-Paw lost by several lengths. . . ;(

Photo by Brian Cornish, CSI.
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