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Edition 35 - Page 14 of 18 September 24, 2004
SOFA Quadstate Conference
Troy, Ohio
Old World Anvils Flypresses

Old World is now owned by Bob Bergman of Postville Blacksmithshop. Bob is also the manufacturer of the KA-75 hammer.
SOFA Quadstate is famous for the biggest collections of used tools anywhere but there are also many vendors of new tools and supplies.

Besides Old World, Centaur Forge, Blacksmith Supply and Tom Clark were here.
Nathan Robertson is one of the many smiths that manufacturer tools for other smiths in small quantities. Nathan's line includes various blacksmiths, sawyers, repousse' and blade smiths hammers. His hammers are cleanly forged and beautifully finished in hardened and tempered tool steel.

Phone 218-659-4590, Max, MN
Stephen (Steve) Parker is another toolmaker. This bick is just one of many tools he makes. He makes large and small stakes of various styles and a very nice set of chasing chisles.

Phone 217-935-2797, Clinton, IL
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