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Edition 35 - Page 12 of 18 September 24, 2004
SOFA Quadstate Conference
Troy, Ohio : RR-rail anvils
Rail Road Track Anvils

Each year there is something that jumps out at you at Quadstate. This year it seemed to me that there was a LOT of rail road rail anvils. I'm told that two years ago the most plentiful items were sheet metal tools.

LEFT: These rough cut pieces have the flange under the horn and heel cut off short. This is a not a good way to cut a rail anvil. The anvil is too light not to have support directly under all the work surfaces.
Plain Sections cleaned up and painted.
Short Horned dressed up and painted.
Beautifully Finished railroad rail anvil.

Wost of the lot
Old railroad rail anvil in "Honest" Bob Cruickshank's collection.

Although this is one of the rougher looking RR-rail anvils it has the best general shape. A foot has been left under the horn and it is notched to bolt it down. If slabs were welded on to the sides of the web to stiffen it and the horn dressed it would be a fair light duty anvil.

In general RR-rail anvils are too light for most forging. The best for heavier work are the plain cut off sections like the red painted ones above.
The Real McCoy

There was no shortage of "real" anvils as well. . .

There were at least a hundred used anvils or more and dozens of new anvils available from Blacksmith Supply and Old World Anvils.
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