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Edition 35 - Page 6 of 18 September 24, 2004
B² Design Power Hammer School
Mooresville, North Carolina
Zeevik Gottlieb  addressing the August hammer school class. Guru, center seated.
Zeevik Gottlieb giving chalk talk Zeevik Gottlieb is the instructor at the Hammer School. Zeevik is an Israeli who trained under Uri Hofi and some of Hofi's students. He came to the US with his family to work for Dean Curfman of Oak Hill Ironworks where the Big BLU Hammer is manufactured.

At Oak Hill Ironworks Zeevik is one of the Master smiths that produce everything from architectural work and furniture to tools and sculptural ironwork. Zeevik uses Big BLU's daily and has been closely involved in testing their new QC die system and control system.
Zeevik Gottlieb demonstrating Zeevik Demonstrating for the May 2004 Power Hammer class.

You may have seen Zeevik stoically assisting Uri Hofi at the ABANA conference. Zeevik did a very good job of playing the "good boy" while standing in the shadow of his former instructor.
Zeevik assisting a student at the May 2004 Power Hammer class. Keeping track of eight students with hot iron is quite a task but Zeevik manages to keep eveyone on the right track. space
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