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Edition 35 - Page 4 of 18 September 24, 2004
B² Design Power Hammer School
Mooresville, North Carolina
Prior to classes I played with the special small crown dies that were in one of the hammers. These are very narrow and very aggressive dies. Despite my lack of experiance with the Big BLU and crown dies I produced a couple pieces.
The first elements forged (not shown) were short points on 5/8" round stock using the combo dies. A surprising number were botched getting used to the hammer. The "all the steel you can forge" was much appreciated.

The next element forged (#1) was a ball end and a long taper. That was followed by (#2) an "Oakhill" leaf using the short point and long taper then flaring half off the combo dies to spread the leaf and leave a center ridge. I made two on one bar and made an S-hook out of it.
The next item (#3) made was a coat hook with a leaf and long taper to to a ball end.

After these the next elements (#4 and #5) were a modern leaf and curl organic element. The curl could be a fern or leaf element. Both elements were made with the combo dies then with the crown dies for slightly different effects.

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