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Edition 35 - Page 2 of 18 September 24, 2004
B² Design Power Hammer School
Mooresville, North Carolina
Four Big BLU Hammers, four NC forges, four anvils, 8 students and hundreds of pounds of cut steel.
Four power hammers running at one time this close together is a beautiful sound to a blacksmith. So much hot iron being shaped!
The B² Design Power Hammer School  is a first class opperation. There is printed course material in the from of a binder with drawings of the elements to be made. It includes step by step drawings by the instuctor Zeevik Gottlieb as well as drawings of the completed pieces.

During the course there is sufficient cut steel to make and discard as many practice pieces as you need. It takes a while to get used to a different hammer and dies and the plentiful material is welcomed.

On completion of the couse a beautiful certificate is awarded, signed by Steve Barringer the school opperator and by Zeevik Gottlieb.
Meals are included. Now, these were not just ordinary meals, they were FIRST CLASS meals prepared by Ted Thompson, formerly a professional restaurateur. The Friday evening meal was as good a meal as one would expect from a high class resturant and the Saturday evening meal was an unsurpassed North Carolina barbeque. If one had eaten out these meals would have easily cost a total of two or three hundred dollars.

There were always extra folks around at meal times and for good reason!
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