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Edition 35 - Page 9 of 18 September 24, 2004
SOFA Quadstate Conference
Troy, Ohio
SOFA Thursday: Troy, OH. We got in too late this evening to have photos to post. Will have some tomarrow. Already saw lots of anvils, vises, swage blocks, blowers, . . . you name it.

Lee Liles of the Horseshoeing Tools Museum is here as well as many others. I got to run John Larson's hammer to draw out a piece. He has a power module for anyone that wants to build his own hammer.

We took the scenic route on the way here along the Ohio River. We stopped in Ironton where my 4G Grandfather Judge Andrew Dempsey moved his family in the early 1800's. There his sons became Ironmasters at several iron furnaces and My 3G Grandfather William a part owner in nearly a dozen famous furnaces. When the great Mosabie Range iron deposits were discovered in Michigan the Ohio Hanging Rock Iron region went bust. At the reading of William Dempsey's will his heirs found they were the owners of thousands of shares of stock in defunct iron furnaces. . .
  Flypress and Southbend Lathe: A tease of more to come. .

Paw-Paw Holding Court, Troy OH, Miami Fairgrounds

Jim "Paw-Paw" Wilson's tent became CSI headquarters during the day Friday. Left, Rich Waugh, Paw-Paw seated, Tony Bartol, Bob Harisim seated knaping, and Stephen Gensheimer far right.
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