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Edition 35 - Page 16 of 18 September 28, 2004
SOFA Quadstate Conference
Troy, Ohio : Forging Contest
Ring Contest Pieces. Few completed rings much less round rings. 
Honest Bob Cruickshank was the master of ceremonies for the forging contest.

The goal of the contest was for a two person team to forge two rings of equal inside diameter from a piece of 3/8" square by 18" long and a piece of 3/4" round 12" long. 20 minutes was allowed and the larger pieces were preheated. No measuring tools were allowed and the vise was only allowed for twisting. Material could not be cut off, overlapped at the ends or welded.

The parts were to be judged on roundness, equality of ID, neatness of ends and decoration.
Shane Stegmeier AKA Fionnbharr, CSI and his partner drawing out the heavy piece.

Drawing out the heavy piece quickly was the key to the contest. Most did not make it in time. Not a single team used the pien of the sledge OR the hammer as a fuller to speed up the job. . .
Holly Fisher and her partner put on a good show of double striking and were one of the most energetic teams. Holly Fisher Right.
Two Canadian Teams (above and left) put on a good show. Burnt or broken pieces ended their attempts.
Paul Garrett and Ted Thompson put up a valient effort. Paul is resident smith at John C. Campbell Folk School and Ted works with B² Design and Big BLU hammers.

Ted cold forged the 3/8" section on my advice and finished a near perfect ring in record time. Drawing out the larger piece was ALMOST completed in time. . .

Other teams included Patrick Nowak another anvilfire regular.

The winning team was two fellows that had never met until the contest. They managed to make two fairly round rings about the smae size. A tough contest!
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