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Edition 35 - Page 17 of 18 September 28, 2004
SOFA Quadstate Conference
Troy, Ohio : Demonstrations
Jeff Fetty's Assistant demonstrating the flypress. While I was at Jeff's demo he was in the back doing some welding and grinding while his assistant put on a demo.

My goal this year was to cover the demonstrators better than last year. However, the lure of all that iron was just too much. . . There were four demos going on at one time with full attendance which also made it very difficult to cover more than one. I usualy pop in and out of demos catching good moments to take photos. However, with full capacity venues that is impossible to do. I was also handicapped by the use of a borrowed camera. . .

Fetty Flower was sold at the auction. This sculpture was nine or ten feet tall! space
Brian Thompson demonstrated basic and traditional methods. space
Steve Schwarzer discussing some technical aspects of Damascus steel. space
Tom Clark demonstrated his Turkish hammer intermitently.

There were three power hammers and an air assist treadle hammer being demonstrated at the event. During the day you could try the Iron Kiss hammer or the Big BLU. The Big BLU crew kept the forges running until almost midnight on Friday and Saturday night demonstrating the Big BLU and letting folks try it out.
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