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Volume 33 - Page 8 of 8 May 17, 2004
West Virginia Armour-In
Hosted by Ted and Ann Banning, Parkersburg, WV
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Computer Crime Continued from page 1.
Now the growth industry in Nigeria is credit card fraud using stolen credit cards. The scammers have found that they can commit murder and get away with it since the only victims were folks willing to take part in their illegal scheme. Now they are using stolen credit cards to buy things from anywhere on the net dumb enough to send it to them. The big difference? Now you don't have to be a partner in their crime to get scammed.

The world let the Nigerians subvert their whole legal system because the vicitims were taking part in what they knew to be illegal. Now we have just plain old theviery from entirely innocent victims on a global scale as a result. Most individuals will not be effected because they do not have to pay these fraudulent charges. It is the on-line merchant who gets stung as there is no protection for the merchant.

The problem was already so common that when I tried to report a case of attempted fraud against anvilfire that the credit card companies did not care on way ot the other. They are so swamped that it is pointless for merchants to report the fraud. They have reported millions in fraud to the government and nothing has been done.

Upping the Anti I recieved a nifty piece of mail suposedly from Citi Bank. It had their logo and looked very nice except for the pigeon English (if you looked close). It asked for you to go to the link and "update" your account information. The problem IS, I don't have a Citi bank account. The information wanted was:

Account or ATM number
Password or PIN
expiration date
Checking account number
Savings account number
Social Security number
Mother's Maiden name
Date of Birth.

Now. . This bit of SPAM is not your typical SPAM, it is identity theft with the intent to empty your bank accounts and wreck your life. It is also enough information to break into most of your other personal accounts including domain registrations and others.

This is just one of a dozen I recieve every month supposedly from ebay, a credit card company or others. The links always LOOK legitimate but they divert somewhere else. Beware of SPAM! It is not just harmless junk. The vast majority is some kind of scam. This is why no legitimate business should use bulk email to people they do not know. It puts them in the same camp with the theives.
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May 17, 2004 Edition
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