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Volume 33 - Page 6 of 8 May 17, 2004
West Virginia Armour-In
Hosted by Ted and Ann Banning, Parkersburg, WV
Whitesmith at West Virginia Armour-In Sean Conner AKA Whitesmith  has attended all three of the WV Armour-In's. This year I stuck a piece of scrap steel in his hand and said "make something, anything, just a pretty shape". So with the help of myself, Ted, Allan and others Sean went through all the processes. Layout, cutting on the shear, cleaning up edges on the sanders, dishing on the stump, planishing and polishing. Then he said "what next?"

At left Sean is dishing a piece of 16ga steel using Allan's big ball hammer on the stump.

Below left Sean is polishing his test sample.

Sean is one of the youngest blacksmiths in our group and has several demos to his credit on our iForge page.
The Finished Project
After making the large bowl Sean wanted to make something out of it so he cut two more circles and dished one. With a little help from Jeff a piece of pipe was found and a bolt. . and here it IS. Its not armor but it is used the same processes.
More to come. . .
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May 17, 2004 Edition
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