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Volume 33 - Page 5 of 8 May 17, 2004
West Virginia Armour-In
Hosted by Ted and Ann Banning, Parkersburg, WV
Tools  Last year I covered the tools fairly well in the NEWS and on This stump and hammers were detailed. The same tools saw heavy use again this year. space
Custom Stakes Custom Stakes By Alan Bauldree and Pete Buchanan. Stake plate by Ted and Jeff

Alan brought this heavy "AB" stake made from 3" diameter steel bar to show off.

During the weekend Pete Buchanan of Bedford Virginia forged the smaller stake. Ted and Jeff added the ball end and made the stake plate as part of a trade. You NEVER know what is going to get made at a gathering like this!

The Tools Below Are from the authors collection and are typical of the tools used by modern armourer's. The collection was put together last year after the Armour-In. The Beverly Shear was bought at the Southeast Conference, the beakhorn stake at the Armour-In and the Whitney Punch at a flea market. The hand shears, pecking hammer and crimpers from a lifetime collection. Rare and old tools are where you find them.

Group of tools photo (c) 2004 Jock Dempsey
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May 17, 2004 Edition
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