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Volume 33 - Page 7 of 8 May 17, 2004
West Virginia Armour-In
Hosted by Ted and Ann Banning, Parkersburg, WV
What's wrong with this picture? 

Ted and Jeff (at the anvil) know better but they are ARMOURERS and little forging goes on in their shop. The good stump is probably being used elsewhere.

I think I caught Jeff doing something like this the hard way last year too ;)
Alan Bauldree fitting helm parts (left).

I learned a lot watching Alan this year. He shapes thick plate surprisingly fast with clean smooth results.

Alan uses the heaviest largest radius hammer that suits the job and uses careful overlaping blows that shape the metal smoothly without a lot of bumps to work out by planishing. A pair of gauntlets made this day were completed without planishing and were ready to polish direct from the heavy dishing on the stump. This is a HUGE time saver.

This is not to say that Alan does not planish his work. When needed his planishing leaves a near polished surface.
Finished Dome

Finished Dome
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May 17, 2004 Edition
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