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Volume 33 - Page 2 of 8 May 8, 2004
Paw-Paws Mini Hammer-In
Historic Bethabara Park in Winston Salem, NC.
How Paw-Paw does a demo
Invite a bunch of smiths, fire up the forge, then head for the shade!

Far far left, Glen Connor, leaning on forge, Billy Phelps, his son in red pulling the bellows.
Jojo Rottenbery center in green, Whitesmith in black and VIcopper hidden in back right.
May 8th  was the Celtic Festival at Historic Bethabara Park in Winston Salem, NC.

Jim "Paw-Paw" Wilson invited a number of blacksmiths to this event. Those attending included Jim's Grandson John Larimore age 14, Rich Waugh from St.Croix, Virgin Islands, Billy Phelps of Hillsville, VA and his son, Glenn Conner and his son "Whitesmith" age 12 from West Virginia, JoJo Rottenbery also from Hillsville and myself also from Virginia.

LEFT: Whitesmith chisling with a big smile while Rich (AKA VIcopper) holds work.

Rich tried some of JoJo's Anti-borax flux and was impressed. He was here to attend a law enforcement conference and took time on the way home to visit with friends.
Glenn "Ntech" Conner trying to look cool
He WAS forging something a moment ago. Every time I try to catch him DOING something he slips away. . .

Billy Phelps forged some mule heads with great character, JoJo forged a nice bar-shoe with a forge weld, Paw-Paw and the boys made a bunch of Fredrick's Crosses, I made a few hooks and we all played.

John Larimore is a Life Scout. Helping Paw-Paw is part of his public service hours on the way to becoming an Eagle Scout.

For more of Paw-Paw's schedule see
Photo (c) by Glenn Connor Long Horn Handle by Billy Phelps, photo by Glenn Connor.

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May 17, 2004 Edition
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