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Volume 27 - Page 13 of 14 September 11, 2002
Summer's End 2002
SCABA Sixth Annual Blacksmithing Conference

Saltfork Craftsmen Artists-Blacksmiths Association

Sixth Annual Blacksmithing Conference

Supported in part by the Oklahoma Arts Council

October 12 -13, 2002

Location: Conference Chairman / Contact

Southwest Ironworks Tom Nelson

302 W. College Ave Rt. 1 Box 67

Guthrie, Oklahoma Douglas, OK 73733 [580-862-7691]

Conference Registration / Payments:

Sherill & Jim Carothers

9501 Frontier

Perry, OK 73077 580-336-9213

Conference Fees:

Saltfork Members: 2-days $55.00, Saturday only $42.50, Sunday only $32.50

Non-members *: 2-days $75.00, Saturday only $62.50, Sunday only $52.50

*Non-member registration includes membership in the Saltfork Craftsmen ABA and Club newsletters to March 30, 2003.

Breakfast on site Both Saturday and Sunday morning. Donuts, sweet rolls, fruit, juice, and coffee included with Conference Registration at no extra cost.

Meals on site: Lunch Saturday Noon and Supper Saturday Evening -- $6.50 per meal

Conference Hours:

Saturday October 11 -- 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Sunday October 12 -- 8:00 AM to 12:00 noon (end professional presentations)

Catered Lunch Saturday -- 12:00 to 1:00 PM

Catered Supper Saturday -- 6:00 to 7:15 PM

Saturday Evening Auction -- 7:30 PM (the general public is invited)

Featured Professional Smithing Demonstrators: Ray Kirk & Bill Bastas

Ray Kirk is a member of the American Bladesmith Society, Arkansas Knifemakers Association, and the Alabama Forge Council. He has been knife making since 1989 using both forging and stock removal methods. He currently teaches welding and knife forging at Indian Capital Technology Center in Tahlequah, Ok. He became a Journeyman Smith of the ABS in June of 2000 and plans on taking his test for the Master Smith stamp in June of 2003. Ray will have some examples of different knives and his MS test knife for display.

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Page 2 Saltfork Craftsmen Artists-Blacksmiths Association

Sixth Annual Blacksmithing Conference Oct 11 - 12, 2002

Finding Southwest Iron Works - Guthrie, OK

Go North on Division Street to the T intersection with College. Turn left (west) on College; cross the RR tracks and Cottonwood Creek. The Southwest Iron Works and the Conference is on the North side of the street. There is a large parking area just across College St. south of the Conference site.

Page 3 Saltfork Craftsmen Artists-Blacksmiths Association

Sixth Annual Blacksmithing Conference Oct 11 - 12, 2002

Ray's conference project will be Knife Forging. He will cover material selection, demonstrating forging the knife to shape, normalizing, annealing, profiling the blade, heat treating, and finish. He will also have some knife making supplies for sale for those that want them and a list of suppliers where they can be purchased.

Bill Bastas has been working metal since starting in the late 1970's as a "hey boy" in a welding shop that made a lot of railing, burglars, and gates. Bill has learned a lot of his fabrication, welding, and forging skills on his own by reading, hard practice, attending conferences and workshops, and later working in a professional smithing shop. By 1997 Bill was accepted as Artist In Residence / Smithy Manager at the National Ornamental Metal Museum. He is currently an instructor at the Ozark School of Blacksmithing and a Professor at the Austin Community College Welding Department. The Austin school has about 50 or so students each semester learning blacksmithing.

Bill will be demonstrating Power Hammer Forging at the conference. He will cover principles of metal movement and use of flat dies for shaping. Bill will be forging hand tools as well as shapes with the power hammer.

Rug Weaving / Craft Class: Register by September 20th

On Saturday, Jan Kendall will be teaching a rug making class. This workshop will give you a good start on a beautiful reversible crochet rug made out of old wool. Workshop hours will be from 9:00 AM until lunch. After lunch help will be available if you need it. If would help if you were familiar with the single crochet stitch, but if you aren't, come early and we'll work on it. The cost of this class is $22 which includes tools,
instructional booklet, and enough material to get a good start. Instructions and demonstrations will also be given on preparing the wool for your rug. Please bring a lawn chair. Additional rug fabric will be available for purchase.

Conference T-Shirts: Order by September 20th

T-shirts for this year will be a heavy weight black pocket T. The Saltfork Craftsmen ABA logo in white lettering is above the pocket; a two-color smithing graphic will be on the back. S, M, L, XL, are $14.00; 2X and 3X are $16.00; 4X is available on request. To make sure we have your size on hand, the Club asks that you have your T-shirt order in by no later than September 20th.

Conference Auction:

On Saturday evening, beginning at 7:30 PM, there will be an auction (open to the public) of the Conference Project items. The auction will also include items donated by attendees and Saltfork members. Donation to the auction is voluntary.

Page 4 Saltfork Craftsmen Artists-Blacksmiths Association

Sixth Annual Blacksmithing Conference Oct 11 - 12, 2002

Tailgate Sales:

Welcome; no charge to Conference attendees. A donation to the "iron-in-the-hat" items or to the Saturday evening auction would be appreciated.

Historic Guthrie, Oklahoma:

Guthrie was the first Oklahoma State Capitol (1907), but lost that acclaim in a midnight transferal (theft - according to legend) of the State Seal to Oklahoma City. Guthrie is now a very interesting city with many antique shops, museums, historic buildings and sites, live theater, and fine places for dining. There are numerous bed and breakfast accommodations, 3 motels, and several RV parks. Guthrie is a popular tourist location. We recommend that you get overnight lodging arranged as soon as possible.

Many of the Saltfork Craftsmen ABA members working to put this conference on and the Professional Smithing Demonstrators will be staying at the Interstate Motel.

For reservations at the Interstate call: 405-282-7700 or 800-864-7775.

The Sleep Inn and Territorial Inn (Best Western) & RV Park are in the same area as the Interstate Motel.

For reservations at the Sleep Inn, call: 800-528-3118.

For reservations at the Territorial Inn (Best Western) & RV Park, call: 405-282-8831 or 888-282-8831

Page 5 Saltfork Craftsmen Artists-Blacksmiths Association

Sixth Annual Blacksmithing Conference Oct 11 - 12, 2002

Registration: (please print)

Name: _________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________________


Phone: _____________________________

E-Mail: ___________________________

2 Days at $55 (Members)______________ 2 Days at $75 (non-members) __________

Saturday only $42.50 ________________ Saturday only $62.50 _________________

Sunday only $32.50 ________________ Sunday only $52.50 _________________

Saturday lunch at $6.50 each __________ Saturday supper at $6.50 each __________

Rug Weaving Craft Class at $22 _____________

Conference T-shirt: S M L XL at $14 ea. _________ 2X 3X at $16 ea. __________

(Please circle the size / sizes you need)

Total enclosed for Registration $ __________________

(Make checks or money orders payable to Saltfork Craftsmen ABA)

Mail With Payment To:

Jim Carothers

9501 Frontier

Perry, OK 73077-9225

DISCLAIMER: I understand that blacksmithing can be a dangerous endeavor. I understand that my safety is my responsibility. I understand the need for eye and ear protection; I will provide and utilize the necessary safety equipment for all activities. The Saltfork Craftsmen ABA, its officers, and members are not responsible for my well being. Registration for this Conference indicates my agreement to these terms.

Signed: _________________________________ Date: ________________________

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