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Volume 27 - Page 12 of 14 September 11, 2002
Summer's End 2002

National Ornamental Metal Museum
374 Metal Museum Drive
Memphis Tennessee 38106

Repair Days Weekend

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

October 18, 19, & 20, 2002

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

We fix anything but cats, cars and broken hearts.

Bring your dull, dented, dysfunctional metal items to Repair Days at the National Ornamental Metal Museum October 18 - 20. Metalsmiths from across the country will be there to solder, sharpen, remove dents, re-tin copper cookware, and repair garden furniture and statuary. They will sharpen knives, scissors, garden tools and lawnmower blades. Bring in the original and watch as they cast a reproduction of your antique drawer pull or other hardware item. They can even straighten out that spoon that was mangled in the disposal. Estimates are free. All proceeds from repair work benefit the Museum.

(To insure that work will be completed, no new items will be accepted after noon on Sunday.)

Family Fun Days

Saturday and Sunday

October 19 & 20

Ring makingCasting Blacksmithing Auction

Tour the Museum Shop in the Giftstore Eat Relax Watch the River

Ring Making, Casting, Blacksmithing: There will be lots of hands-on activities for all age groups. For a small fee, visitors can make jewelry, cast keepsakes, and experience blacksmithing techniques such as forging and hammering. Saturday and Sunday.

See your items repaired: At each of the repair stations, metalsmiths will be on hand to explain the repair process and answer questions.


Visit the Museum: Admission is free with a receipt for repair work. Master Metalsmith: Harlan Butt showcases the work of this renowned enamelist and teacher who was recently elected a Fellow by the American Craft Council.

Shop the Museum Giftstore: Here you will find unique, handcrafted items by the country's foremost craftspeople: Jewelry, Yard Art, Switch plates, Vases, Wind Chimes…

Food: There will be food vendors on the grounds. Or bring your own picnic.

The River: Mark Twain called it the best view of the Mississippi River between Cairo and New Orleans. It still is.

Public Auction 7:30 PM Saturday, October 19

The River Bluff Forge Council, the Memphis Chapter of the Artist-Blacksmiths' Association of North America, is sponsoring an Auction to benefit the Museum's Capital Campaign for the restoration of an historic building to house the Museum's Library. On auction is original, handcrafted work donated by metalsmiths from across the country. Last year's auction included a diamond and platinum brooch by Richard Kimball, a Damascus steel pocket knife by Don and Tina Hanson, a sundial and stand from Custom Casting, and a large vessel by Rick Smith.

For more information, contact Jim Wallace at 901-774-6380

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