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Volume 27 - Page 2 of 14 September 11, 2002
9/11 2001 - Never Again
Editorial by Jock Dempsey AKA -guru
Today is the memorial of the 9/11 World Trade Center and Pentagon attack.   Today we do not need to "remember" because we have never stopped thinking about 9/11.   Those of us that witnessed those events either live or via television will never forget the horror, the waste and the stupidity.

NEVER AGAIN will similar events be repeated in America, or on an airline carrying Ameicans.

Like those brave souls aboard Flight 93 we will give up our lives to prevent an airliner from being used as a weapon of mass destruction.   In fact, since the events of 9/11, any hijacking of any airline in US airspace is now probably a sucide mission on the part of any hijackers.   Either the passengers will retake the plane, or the military will be forced to shoot it down. In either case, there will be NO REPEAT of 9/11.

Those aboard Flight 93 stopped its use as a weapon before the full impact of the events of 9/11 were known.   They did not know that the entire WTC complex would be destroyed.   All they knew was that the other hijacked planes had been used as weapons against American targets.   They did not know of the thousands of deaths at the WTC and Pentagon.   They did not know that they were possibly going to used to destroy the White House or U.S. Capitol building.   But the knew enough, did what had to done, and prevented more death and destruction.

Today WE ALL KNOW. And today and in the future, it will never happen again.
THE WORST result of 9/11 are the knee jerk reactions of our government that have made air travel unpleasant in order to provide a false sense of security.   In this the terrorists have won.

On our recent trip to Texas the ordeal started well before boarding the plane.   While packing I had to search every pocket of my sole carry on, my lap top computer bag.   Normaly it contains miniature tools, screw drivers, pliers and sometimes a minature Swiss Army Knife.   I emptied every pocket and checked for possible "contraban weapons" and removed everything that could possibly raise a question.   I also packed the little pocket knife I been without for over 40 years into my checked bag.   I've carried a little two inch everywhere since I was old enough to carry one.   Its been in nuclear power plants and on airplanes dozens of times and was never a security issue. 

For decades Paw-Paw has carried a small emergency traceotomy knife for emergencys . . that too was gone.

At the security check we were searched (too many buckles and metal buttons on clothing) as well as having our shoes removed and X-Rayed.   My laptop PC had to go through the X-Ray seperate from the carrying bag and then be repacked.   All of this was done in a very friendly and professional manner. I been through many security searches and it was never as poilite as this.   But you could often tell that it was too much and that boredom at the repiticious tasks was seting in.   As time goes on this will become more and more of a problem.  

If a group of trained commandos wants to take over an airplane they are going to do it.   A bare handed assualt could be just as effective as the "armed" attacks on 9/11 using "box cutters".   The new cockpit doors will still succumb to phsical attack or being opened due to the murder of flight attendants or passengers.  

If the hijackers are sucessful then our last and only real line of defense, the passengers, have also been "disarmed".  


But the searches, the extra constraints, making air travel , the so called "security" will not be the cause.   Strength of character, the will to do what is right and the knowlege that we cannot let this EVER happen again will prevent it OR end it.   In either case, an airliner will not be used as a weapon over US soil again.

Due to the courage of the passengers of Flight 93 the terrorists and all the world know this.   Every member of any terrorist group that thinks about attempting a repeat of 9/11 now knows that it will be an unsuccessful suicide mission.        

Never Forget September 11, 2001
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