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Volume 27 - Page 7 of 15 September 2002
Summer's End 2002
Jefferson Smiths (CBA) Hammer-In at Hanley Farm
Hanley Farm Sign Hammer-In Sign with mountain backdrop
Roy Whisant Hammer-In at Hanley Farm : June 28-30

Roy Whisnant (left) organized and set up this hammer-in.   The folks at Hanley Farm were courteous and helpful the whole weekend.   It was a great setting in Southern Oregon.   The weather was perfect.   Warm and dry, but not too hot. We had about 30 folks sign up over the three days.  While there were not too many scheduled demos, there were several impromptu hands on/demo sessions.  

Article by Ralph Douglas, CSI, CBA
Punching Hammer Dennis DeBey did a demo on making a hammer. He decided to make a diagonal pein hammer. As Dennis directed, Roy and then Marten Stone both took turns striking to punch the eye hole, while I was the striker for drawing out the pein. space
Almost Done

Then Dennis took over with his hand hammer to do the finishing clean up and then he heat-treated. All in all a nice 2 3 pound hammer was born.
Dennis DeBey also demoed making bamboo out of pipe.

Dewitt seemed to have a knack for gathering new or less experienced smiths and spent much of his time overseeing their efforts or occasionally stepping in to show how a particularly difficult task was to be done.
Finished Bamboo Rail
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