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Volume 27 - Page 4 of 14 September 11, 2002
Summer's End 2002
Epps Hammer-In, Mesquite, TX

Bill Epps running his Sahindler air hammer Bill Epps running his Sahindler air hammer

Bill is adding raised viens in a leaf on a die he made himself.

A short rounding hammer is being used to work the hot steel into the die.   This both spreads the leaf and adds the raised viens.

Bill is making rose leaves for the rose on the previous page.
Bill Epps Tool Holder Bill Epps Tool Holder:

This is a quick change tool holder Bill designed for rapid tool changes.

The tool is made from a heavy block of mild steel that replaces the hammer's lower die.   A square hole in one end recieves tangs welded on spring fullers and dies.   A screw can be tightened to hold the tool in place.

There are drilled and taped holes in the front of the block that are used to hold special bottom dies built on angle iron like this leaf die in place.
Outdoor forging stations Outdoor forging stations:

There were four forges setup in this tent and many unscheduled demonstrations.   The tent provided a LITTLE shade. . . It was cooler here than in Bills shop.
Bryan Black Bryan Black was one of the first to fire up a forge outside.   Bryan demonstrated the use of his universal twisting tool.
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