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Volume 24 - Page 10 of 16 May 2001
ABANA Anvil Firing Controversy
7 Chapters disenfranchised
Photo (c) 2001 Randal Guess, The Shot heard around the world!
Southeast Regional Blacksmith Conference
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Anvil Shoot, AKA anvil firing
Two blacksmiths anvils are placed base to base with one setting face down on the ground. A charge of black powder is placed between the two anvils in the hollow of the base. The charge is set off by a fuse and the top anvil is launched into the air with a boom like the report of a large cannon and a cloud of white smoke. The anvil travels anywhere from a few feet to 50-60 feet in the air depending on the size of the charge.

In modern anvil shooting most shooters have a special setup that includes the anvils regularly used, one is sometimes welded to a steel plate to insure it doesn't tip. There may also be a fuse support or a guard.

Anvil shooting has been used as a form of fireworks for as long as anyone can remember. It is said to have started in Europe but has been a long time American Independence Day tradition. Today only blacksmiths keep this tradition in the U.S.

Artist Blacksmith Association of North America. Currently the world's largest blacksmithing organization. A non-profit corporation 27 years old.

Alabama Forge Council (formerly) an ABANA Chapter, A non-profit corporation, organized in local "forges" with the main organization holding several annual events.

Florida Artist Blacksmith Association (formerly) an ABANA Chapter, A non-profit corporation.

Southeastern Regional Blacksmiths Convention, officialy Southeastern Convention Inc., a non-profit corporation consisting of board members representing 7 ABANA Chapters.
Alabama Forge Council
Alex Bealer Blacksmith Association
Appalachian Area Chapter
Florida Artist Blacksmith Association
North Carolina Chapter Of Abana
Ocmulgee Blacksmith Guild
Philip Simmons Artist-Blacksmith Guild Of South Carolina
The Southeastern Convention Inc., is not an ABANA chapter or affiliated with ABANA. It recieves no funds or seed money from ABANA. It is a completely independent corporation and its events are not ABANA sponsored events.

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ABANA chapters policy forum (public)

ABANA By-laws
CanIron III
June 29th - July 1st North Battleford, SK
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