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Coat of Arms from the town of  Eskilstuna, Sweden
Volume 24 - Page 3 of 16 May 2001
Southeast Regional Blacksmith Conference
Madison, GA - May 17-19, 2001 - by Randal Guess, CSI
Kayne and Son Van Shirley Kayne hiding from the camera! Shirley is maning the Kayne and Son sales van. We saw them last at Spring Fling in Virginia (NEWS Edition 23). Lots of tools and friendly service! space
Clyde payton of Monticello, FL and Dave Kemp. Clyde is a founding member of FABA and was in charge of tailgate sales. Here Clyde and Dave are are taking a break from the Georgia heat (90-94°F). space
Dragonfly Corkscrew by Buster Grubbs from Shady Rest Forge did the beautiful piece. It was displayed in the gallery and donated to the auction.

Cliff Schoenung forges on a fire tool project at one of the blacksmithing class forge stations.
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