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Reporting LIVE! from Asheville, NC - June 1998!
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EC-JYH being put through the paces!

Josh Greenwood showing what the EC-JYH can do!
Forging, Incising and cutting.

Josh had seen drawings of the EC-JYH but when he first saw it he laughed and said, "It REALLY IS made of junk!" After running it and forging some samples he said, "NOT a bad hammer! It's NOT an AIR hammer, but it is very controllable for a mechanical hammer."

Samples forged on the EC-JYH. Above, two points in one inch square stock and a leaf by the Guru. Fancy leaves at top and to the right by Josh Greenwood.

Besides these samples, in the three hours that Josh had to test the hammer he also forged the tools to make the leaves to the right!
June 11, 1998
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