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    How the Junk Yard Hammer Came To Be By Jock Dempsey

    Jim Lindsay asked the question that kicked the whole thing off on Jan. 5, 1998,
    "I am looking for information on the design and construction of a electric power hammer."
    I replyed with two long postings of how mechanical hammers worked and some of the design considerations. Later in January Bertie Rietveld, a South African metalworker, asked if anyone had a good set of power hammer plans. He also described his shop and I commented that all he needed was a picture of a Little Giant. About that time Grant Sarver pointed out that he had thought about building what he called a "minimum hammer" and roughed out some of his thoughts. I replied that I had been thinking along those lines for 10-15 years and still did even though I had four Little Giants in my shop at the time!

    Then on February 1st things quickly escalated out of control. Grant,

    "Hey, folks! I think we got a competition goin here!!
    I slap thee Sir Jock, with my cyberglove. ViseGrip CAD at thirty paces!!"
    And he specified a parameter of using a 1 horse power motor.

    I replied,

    "Thoust ViceGripCAD! Thou havest dented mine cyberhelm while mine 486cybersteed is crippled by overweight software! Callest thus honour?"
    I pointed out that most of the world's beam or "helve" hammers had been built of wood but that the world was filled with junk automotive parts that could be designed around. I called and raised the horsepower limit by a half and responded,
    "Of cours thow knoweth one of us must built the beast!"

    To be continued. . . (The history will have to wait while the EC-JYH is under construction! - JDD)

    May 1st, 1998 - Please print and distribute.
    Copyright ©1998 Jock Dempsey