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Reporting LIVE! from Asheville, NC - June 1998!
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East Coast JYH Preliminary test!

Yes, it runs, and only on 3/4 HP!
Yes, it has some minor problems, but nothing we can't fix or get around by the method of operation. Would you believe the shocks work too well? The shocks lift the weight just fine and the hammer hits just fine but at full speed the ram stays up (off the work). This means the dual shocks are too stiff. Don't have time remove one and retest so it will be run as is!

Brake/clutch works great! Has very gentle touch but engages positively when wanted. We were worried that it would hang up and not release. As a heavy duty automotive mechanisim designed for millions of cycles under much higher load this part of the JYH should give long dependable service.

As shown the treadle is yet to be installed and the clutch was being operated by a pair of vise grips. The motor and bracket is being held on with c-clamps. A brace between the anvil base and the first column needs to be made as the column rocks back and forth almost an inch! I knew this needed to be done but needed to get the tests underway. (Tom, remember I told you that steel column was going to be too flexible!)
Forging with the East Coast JYH! p.6

May 31th, 1998
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