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Reporting LIVE! from Asheville, NC - June 1998!
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JYH ready for hot testing.
The East Coast JYH
Its amazing what a coat of paint will do for a machine! You've heard of the "mouse hole" anvil? Well, this is the 8 bay pigeon hole anvil!
Guru and JYH - (c) 1998 Jim
Photo by Jim "paw paw" Wilson

The ol' Guru his self forging the first piece of hot iron under the EC-JYH! The clutch mechanism is surprisingly smooth and required no adjustment or tweaking. The shock absorber linkage has some quirks (as do all machines) but is not unpredictable as some mechanical linkages are. The hammer blows are very firm with no bounce. The machine needs to run slow but is controllable enough to use tooling such as a cut off bar and clapper dies. More details later. . .

You really have to think about this picture. There's the Guru, the EC-JYH, the Guru's automatic gas forge AND an old PC in the background! Jim, I gotta' have you take more pictures for me!
Asheville, NC, Here we come!
Josh Greenwood testing the EC-JYH! (page 7)
June 7th, 1998
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