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Reporting LIVE! from Asheville, NC - June 1998!
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If you build with heavy plate you must have a magnetic base drill! I borrowed this machine but would have to own one if I did a lot of this.

(6) Holes for the engine block bolts were counterbored from underneath. (8) 1/2-13 holes were drilled and taped for the 3/4" (19mm) thick column flanges.

Machining a 2-1/2" round on a 49 year old Craftsman 6" lathe! Big job for a small machine.

First series of welds. The one on the ram was last and only decent weld of the day. I didn't think about getting welding rods and had to dry some old ones with a torch!

East Coast JYH photo and preliminary testing! East Coast JYH! p.4

May 23th, 1998
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