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Used Tools, Machinery, Tailgate Sales

MISCELLANEOUS - If it doesn't fit our other categories then put it here.
This could include houshold goods, clothing, lawn equipment, firearms (legal ones). . .

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   FOR SALE  Thermal Light:
thumbnail Thermal Light is an app that enables your iPhone to measure temperatures from 1000F-2700F using your phone's camera lens. Download it from the App Store or iTunes. It uses a special algorithm to analyze the irradiated light from the object (black body radiation) and give you a temperature. IR thermometers cost $900, but this app is less than $6. It has been calibrated against one of these IR meters. This app will allow your phone to measure the temperature of glowing iron, steel, copper, glass and your forge to name a few. If your ceramics are glowing you can measure that, too. Just aim the view finder at the glowing object and the temperature is shown at the bottom.

There are two scales from 1000F-1700F and 1500F-2700F in increments of 100F.

Thermal Light iPhone App

Listed by : imsmoother - Monday, 11/07/11 21:23:26 EST

   FOR SALE  Books :
Practical blacksmithing modern blacksmithing&horseshoeing the principals and practice of horseshoeing

Listed by : Charles Perry - Thursday, 04/22/21 11:31:13 EDT

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