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Featured : Dave Manzers Little Giant Videos

Introduction to the The Power Hammer Cycle : How to Cure the Bang Tap Miss Blues by Dave Manzer.
Click for more information:

Welcome to the NEW  CAM 

The new AnvilCAM is here to host streaming blacksmithing video including how-to, demonstrations, work in progress, history and forging information. Much of our content is original and will not be found on video sharing sites. Our videos will also include links to articles or their own articles, commentary, still images, drawings and related information.

The current introductory content is video we had on hand or was donated, more is coming.

NEW! anvilfire X1 Power Hammer Video

NEW! Community Video
Big BLU NC-ABANA Hammer-In
featuring Doug Merkel and Anderson Phillips.

AnvilCAM How-To     Files (0)
Step by step basic blacksmithing video demonstrations IN DEVELOPMENT - Coming Soon!

step by step, basics, lessons, getting started
Historical Blacksmithing     Files (2)
Historical and anthropological film clips of traditional methods and ancinet technological processes. Zulu blacksmiths, chain and anchor forging, more coming. . .

Zulu, chain, anchor, history, anthropology
Community Video     Files (18)
A collection of videos from our friends and blacksmithing community. Nippulini, Josh Greenwood, Frank Turley, Oakhill Ironworks, JYH hammers. SOON Paw-Paws anvilfire videos!

community, video, blacksmiths
AnvilCAM How-To
Basic blacksmithing demonstrations IN DEVELOPMENT
Historical Blacksmithing
Historical and anthropological film clips of traditional methods
Community Video
Video from our friends and user community
Video Review Clips     Files (13)
Sample clips from blacksmithing videos we have reviewed, promotional videos. Samples from BigBLU Productions, Phoenix Hammer, Dave Manzer and more. . .

reviews, samples, promotional
AnvilCAM-I Web-Cam     Shows (4)
The original AnvilCAM web cam images setup as slideshows. Sunrise 2000, KA-75, Flagstaff Mountain View and Big BLU Hammer-In 2007


Video Review Clips
Sample clips from blacksmithing videos. . .
AnvilCAM-I Web-Cam
Our early and NEW HTML webcam pages updated. TESTING

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