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Edition 38 - Page 6 of 8 May 20, 2005
NC-ABANA at Oakhill Ironworks
Home of the BigBLU Hammer
NC-ABANA  met at Oakhill Ironworks. This is becoming an annual event held in March each year.
See NEWS Edition 32 for last year's event.
A Large Crowd  gathered for the demonstrations by owner Dean Curfman and Larry Wilson.
Dean Curfman owner of Oakhill Forge, demonstrated on the BigBLU with the assistance of Steve Finestien who was heating and feeding hot steel to Dean as fast as he could.

Pieces were forged in one heat at roughly one every minute and a half for an hour.
Demo Pieces 

Results of a one hour demo. Leaves, pickets, ball finials, textured bars, abstract elements. . . All displaying the great versatility and productivity of the BigBLU Power Hammer. Not only do they make these hammers here they produce a large amount of architectural ironwork and furniture using the BigBLU's.
space Larry Wilson demonstrated making chisels and heat treating them by blacksmith methods.

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