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Edition 38 - Page 4 of 8 May 20, June 23, 2005
Jim PawPaw Wilson Memorial Hammer-In
Saturday June 18, 2005
  Helping Friends

Sometime you need some help from your friends. Dave Baker built this 10 x 12 utility building in Paw-Paw's shop to keep out of the weather and have a flat surface to work on. Before the hammer-in a dozen friends helped move it.

Photos by Jim McGinnis, Glenn Conner and Jock Dempsey.

The Hammer-In opened with my describing the zinc fume fever that led to Jim's demise and then Sheri Wilson reading of the WORD LIST. The word list was compiled by the Mary Katherine Schumacher, wife of one of Jim and Sheri's 27 foster children. It is words provided by family and friends that described Paw-Paw good or bad and as they knew him. I was surprised that I had a word for every letter in the alphabet. These were read at his memorial service and again here.  

A Circle of Friends
Over 60 people attended this gathering. They included blacksmiths from Michigan, Kentucky, New Jersey, North Carolina, Virginia. Six were members of CSI.. There were also many friends and family members.
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