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Volume 34 - Page 13 of 37 July 7, 2004
ABANA Conference
Richmond, Kentucky - EKU Campus
Habberman 200 Habberman 200  In recent years there have been some ridiculous anvil prices. This 200 kg (440 lb.) Habberman anvil is among them. The asking price was just under $3000 plus $500 for the stand. There was also a Laurel foundry 140 pound anvil for nearly $800. These prices per pound for cast anvils are higher than forged Peddinghaus anvils and make the Euroanvil an exceptional bargain.
Daryl Meier was in attendance as is Jud Nelson and Clifton Ralph.

I had a long talk with Daryl Meier about what he had been up to. He is currently focousing on his vineyard and does almost no Damascus work. He says the Damascus market has too many suppliers, especialy hobbiests who do not ask high enough prices and importers who have very cheap labor, so he has gotten out of the business. He also says it stopped bing fun when it became production work.

Left, Bruce Wallace talking with Daryl Meier at the 2000 conference.
Demo. . . Freddy Habberman Jr. on the Haberman Anvil
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July 7, 2004 Edition
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