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Volume 34 - Page 7 of 37 July 7, 2004
Camp Fenby June 2004 - Brass Casting
Avenue Maryland, Oakley Farm
Freon Bottle Foundry Setup 

I have built several of these little furnaces. It is lined with Kaowool and a half piece of fire brick in the bottom then coated with ITC-100. It is light enough to carry in one out stretched hand with the burner attached. I remove the burner to transport it.

The little jewler's flask and Delft clay were given to me by another Camp Fenby demonstrator about four years ago. I keep bringing it back.

Gas Burner FAQ
Cuttle fish bone mold and unworked "bone" Delft Clay "Sand" Mold for Fenby medalians.
Pouring Brass

I have had a lot of failures at Fenby. This weekend was no different. We tried to cast another lost wax piece but the mold was not quite calcined well enough AND it broke while I was trying to support it in sand.

We have also tried a lot of experiments. This year it was cuttle fish bone molds. The instructions were to press an object into the soft foamy bone but our pieces broke from the pressure. So I hand carved two halves of a mold for a Th0r hammer. The two pieces were matched by eye and ALMOST lined up.

The casting in the cuttle fish bone mold went well and the mold was almost reusable. The interesting thing is that the fish flesh like texture shows up in the casting.
Cuttle Fish Mold after use (left)

Wax Pattern and castings from 2003

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July 7, 2004 Edition
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