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Volume 34 - Page 17 of 37 July 7, 2004
ABANA Conference
Richmond, Kentucky - EKU Campus
Daniel Cerny, Gert Bruyninx and Jan Stanek
Daniel Cerny, Gert Bruyninx and Jan Stanek The hardest working and least appreciated demonstrators at the conference.

These talented fellows from the Czech Republic are making the conference logo grill. Their demonstration site is almost unattended. Why? Because a demo needs to be a show. The demonstrator must do more than just do the job, they must teach, they must entertain. And as Uri Hofi has pointed out a demonstration must have a beginning and an end. A four day project almost seems to have no end.
The Team

Left, Gert Bruyninx, striking

Center, Jan Stanek, fitting pieces

Right, Daniel Cerny, holding punch

Name correction, originaly I had Gert and Daniel switched, my appologies.

They are members of the Rozmberk Society p.b.c.

Daniel Cerny's web page at
Daniel Cerny checking fit to full size drawing.
Drawing and Parts
Demo Necessities are often demo killers. Sharpening tools and descaling parts.

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July 7, 2004 Edition
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