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Volume 31 - Page 6 of 7 September 29, 2003
SOFA Quad State Roundup, Troy, OH
Even more tools. . .
Blacksmith Leg Vises A Blacksmith Can Not Have Enough Vises 

Blacksmith Leg Vises

Next to a hammer this is one of the most universaly useful tools there is. Yet many folks do not know how to take advantage of them. Dividers are used to layout circles, squares, triangles and spirals. Circles can be divided evenly for rivets or bolts, rules can be divided to make measuring sticks. Drawings can be scaled and gaskets cut. Making a set of dividers should be a top priority for a new smith.
Raising Hammer Raising Hammer

I saw this hammer at the Southeastern Regional Conference in the Spring and thought $50 was too much. It was the only one like it or even NEAR it at Quad State.

I waited until Saturday and it was gone. . . Guess I will have to make one if I want one like it!
Anvil with Joke Hardie Anvil with Joke Hardie

Blacksmiths have a strange sense of humor. If you don't get it I can't explain it to you.

YES, it IS real! :)
All the previous tool photos were taken on Thursday!
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September 29, 2003 Edition
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