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Volume 31 - Page 5 of 7 September 29, 2003
SOFA Quad State Roundup, Troy, OH
EVEN MORE TOOLS, Tools, tools, tools . . and Anvils anvils!
ANVILS, Anvils, Anvils anvils 

For years I have been telling folks that the place to look for anvils is at blacksmith meets. The fellows with this load do meets all over the East Coast. I have seen them in Pennsylvania where they are from at a PABA meet, in Virginia at Spring Fling, at the Southeast Regional Conference and now here in Ohio. There are many others that travel with loads of anvils.

So don't tell me you can't "find" and anvil. You can't find a FREE anvil. OR you haven't looked.
Euroanvils was well represented with their new 500 pound anvils as well as other sizes.

Steve Feinstein the owner of Euroanvils is wiping off the morning dew and putting a little wax on his load of anvils. ALL were gone by the end of the weekend.

NEW, the Euroanvils sell for the same or less than some of the old used anvils. They are well made cast steel, machined and heat treated to Steve's Euroanvil spec.
Lone anvil on cast iron stand Lone Anvil on Cast Iron Stand

Cast iron anvils stands used to be available for various sized anvils. Today the old ones are fairly rare. This one is especialy rare as it appears to have the original anvil that fits snugly into it.

The advantage of the cast iron stand was that it was both solid and deadened the sound of the anvil. The sound dampening of the cast iron also reduces the "clank clank" that anvils make on steel stands.
A few more anvils

Yep the one on the end is marked SOLD. And this was on Thursday!

Pile of Anvils
A Little Giant, Drill Press and Mini Shaper

Well. . its not ALL anvils. But I could have filled several pages and there WILL be more. . This is one of a dozen or so Little Giants we saw. Folks said there were more last year!
Gas Forges Gas Forges

A load of gas forges fabricated from old propane bottles.
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September 29, 2003 Edition
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