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Volume 31 - Page 2 of 7 September 29, 2003
SOFA Quad State Roundup, Troy, OH
TOOLS, TOOLS, Tools, tools, tools. . .

Tools are what the Quad State Roundup has been about for years. There were more tools here than I have every seen anywhere else in my life.

To the left is a trailer loaded with a complete forge with draft starter and intake air heater, sand blaster, tool chest, tongs hammers and more. . .
Swage Block post drill, leg vises, anvils, hammers and tongs. . .

There are TWO wagon tongue vises in this collection. In the East I had only seen one of these in 5 years (I bought it). There was at least six at Quad State this weekend.

I bought a very nice old style sheet metal working hammer from this fellow. It was the only one of its type I saw all weekend.
Stakes and Stake Plate:

In the rear are two stake holding arms. On the rack there is a needle case stake, a blow horn stake and an edging stake. This is just one of at least three or four sets I saw.

See Page 7 for another set of stakes.
Cobblers Last

Although this looks like it would be a very nice armourer's multi-purpose stake Richard Postman claimed it was a Cobbler's tool.
Old Drill Presses: space
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September 29, 2003 Edition
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