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Blacksmithing News and Events
Coat of Arms from the town of  Eskilstuna, Sweden
Volume 23 - Page 8 of 9+ April 19 - 21, 2001
Blacksmiths Guild of the Potomac

Article by Jim "Paw Paw" Wilson with added photos by Bill Wojcik, BGOP

Ze Mysterious Council of the Illuminati!
From left to right, John Fee (Reverse position of his official anvil hat indicates that he is an apprentice member!), Paw Paw Wilson and Bruce (Atli) Blackistone.

There seems to be some confusion about the secret handshake. .

Example of Friendships forged on and off-line

On a couple of occasions, folks here and elsewhere have mentioned "The Mysterious Council Of the Illuminati." Your intrepid reporter was able to secretly photograph three members during one of the council sessions at Spring Fling. Not only caught three of the members on "film", but even managed to "acquire" a photograph of an artifact they refer to as "Thor's Holy Wrench". And something that looks like it might be some form of Secret Handshake!

Investigative reporting at it's best! (Course it helps when the reporter is a member!)

Bill Wojcik provided many of these photos including the stunning sunrise photos. Bill is an artist blacksmith and excellent demonstrator. Previously we ran photos of his work at a demontrations at a CVBG meet and one of Dan Boone's Hammerfests.

Among other things Bill has demonstrated forging copper clad electrical ground rod. Not an easy thing to do! space

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April 2001 Edition
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