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Blacksmithing News and Events
Coat of Arms from the town of  Eskilstuna, Sweden
Volume 23 - Page 6 of 9+ April 19 - 21, 2001
Sunrise on a beautiful Virginia spring morning.  Photo by Bill Wojcik. Sunrise on day two. A beautiful Virginia spring morning. Photo by Bill Wojcik.
Blacksmiths Guild of the Potomac
Anvil End Table phot by Jim Wilson Photo by Jim Wilson Wine Holder on Auction Table

Made by Phil Heath

Anvil End Table The anvil was especially painted and mounter for Tom and Bev Coker to use in their wedding. Then the lamp portion was added and it now sits in their living room as a reminder that they have been forge welded together.

A piece of modern American folk art. No, not for sale! space

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April 2001 Edition
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