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Blacksmithing News and Events
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Volume 23 - Page 3 of 9+ April 19 - 21, 2001
Blacksmiths Guild of the Potomac

Article by Jim "Paw Paw" Wilson with added photos by Bill Wojcik, BGOP

Prince William County, VA Saturday morning and as usual at Spring Fling, the Fairfax Wildlife Club is jumping.

Ed Small is at site one doing a demonstration on the effects of quenching methods on different alloys of steel. The Williamsburg Blacksmiths are at site two.

Friday site 2 is up and ready. Site 1 (below) is under construction. Virginia in the spring only has these perfect greens for a few days.
Josh Greenwood is going to be at site 1 this afternoon, and tomorrow. Hope I can spend enough time to watch him. I've lost my schedule, and can't remember who is at site 2 this afternoon and tomorrow. I'll try to get that information.

I can't be in enough places at one time! (Grin) I need to be at site 1 and at site 2, and in the tail gate area, and in the Iron in the hat area, AND watching the folks in the kitchen! I don't think I'll ever get a decent picture of a kitchen crew in action!

Kayne and Son Van Photo by Bill Wojick

Plus watching some budding romances between blacksmith's offspring! (Grin)

A few pictures, I'll let the captions tell the stories.

Kayne and Son Van Those of you familiar with the Kaynes old van need to look for this one now!

The Kaynes old van was wrecked on the way home from Flagstaff last year. Luckily everyone got away without serious injury.

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April 2001 Edition
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