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Francis Whitaker dies Hammer in Hand
Jud Nelson, Philip Simmons, Francis Whitaker, anvilfire photo
Francis Whitaker (right) with Philips Simmons (center) and Jud Nelson (I think) These three greats of blacksmithing presented and stood still for a "photo op" at the Southeastern Conference in Madison, Georgia, May of 1999.
Francis at ABANA 1998 Francis Whitaker at CanIron II Francis at the 1998 ABANA conference (left) and at CanIron II in July (above).
Francis was intrested in everything having to do with blacksmithing. In September 1998 a friend told him him "You have to try THIS!", and logged Francis onto the Slack-Tub Pub. The only other person logged on at the time was our New Zealand chatmaster Andrew "Kiwi" Hooper. He asks, "Are you a blacksmith?"
Francis replys, "I've done a little" . . .
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December 1st 99 Edition
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