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Central Virginia Blacksmith Guild
November and December Meets
Jigs on Weld Platten CVBG Met at Josh Greenwood's again this November. Josh did his usual scroll demonstration and showed off his 500 pound Chambersburg Utility hammer.

Left, Scroll jigs setting on a 5' x 5' (1.5m x 1.5m) weld platen. Weld platens, also called "Acorn" plates are one of the handiest tools and are essential in an architectual shop. This size weighs over a ton and a half.

Making cookies
500 pound Chambersburg
Josh heated a 1-1/2" diameter 4" long cylinder and squashed it into a 4" diameter "cookie" 1/2" thick in ONE heat! When you have this kind of power there are all kinds of blanks and preforms that can be made out of more common size stock.

The photos to the left were taken between tongs changes. The next time I'll use a tripod.
Pat McGhee Nov. 1998 Pat McGhee demonstrated making a candle holder with a unique cross section in 1998 (left), and this year he made scrolls from light flat bar.

Pat is a lifelong blacksmith and has worked on his own and in Josh Greenwood's shop. Pat is a maker of "Damascus" as well as a decorative smith. He is also one of the newest members of CVBG.

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