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Central Virginia Blacksmith Guild
November and December Meets
Pat McGhee November 1999 Patrick McGhee demonstrating at the November 1999 CVBG meet. Pat made a style of scroll that was once common but is not often seen today. These 360+ degree circular scrolls are made of light 1" x 1/8" (25mm x 3mm) flat stock. When nested together they give the appearance of heavier mass.

Sorry about the low-light photo folks. I pushed the wrong button!
Pats Bender Scroll Bender Made from a short section of 8" pipe. An "L" shaped notch was torched and the resulting tab bent inward. A piece of bar was welded to the bottom so that it could easily be clamped in a vise.

Pat decided on his demonstration that morning and knocked out this rough bender just before using it!

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