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Francis Whitaker dies Hammer in Hand

From a message by Bert Smith, NCABANA.

It is my sad duty to inform you that Francis Whitaker died last night (Saturday night) about 10:00 p.m. The following quotation was from a report on his condition that was sent to ABANA board members a few days ago:

"He has his hammer . . . took it to surgery with him. Everyone understood the theory and let him take it. However in the recovery room he started waving it around a little too much and they stuck it under the bed for 'nurse's safety'".

It's my understanding that he had his hammer with him when he died. That was the way he wanted it.

Clay Spencer and I have both decided that we will make a memorial gift to the Francis Whitaker Scholarship Fund at the John C. Campbell Folk School.



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From the anvilfire guru page
I will be ringing my anvil tommorow at 3:pm in memmory of Francis Shall we all make this a world wide thing. I think it world be fitting

Bob Keyes -- Tuesday, 10/26/99 00:23:32 GMT

Good thought. I believe I'll join you. Francis was 94 years old if I remember correctly. Sounds like a good number of rings to me.

Jim Wilson -- Tuesday, 10/26/99 01:51:35 GMT
The anvil will be ringing loud and clear from New Zealand.

Andrew Hooper -- Tuesday, 10/26/99 05:51:33 GMT
I didn't know Francis Whitaker personally but I know of him and his work. 94 years and still swinging a hammer! God certainly blessed him. My anvil will be ringing for him too. Maybe the angels can use a good halo repairman.

Jerry Carroll -- Tuesday, 10/26/99 06:22:00 GMT
Well the ringing is 2pm in Ca. I am away from my forge but I will be "tapping" on a small cast anvi I have with me. May God rest his soul.

Wayne Parris -- Tuesday, 10/26/99 13:07:42 GMT
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