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Blacksmithing and metalworking questions answered.

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Your number one blacksmithing and metalworking information source with hundreds of how-to articles, stories, FAQs, forums, tool galleries and videos. anvilfire's forums are the longest running blacksmithing forums on the Internet. .

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TIP OF THE DAY : Hammer Size
Monday Jul 22, 2024 - 21/183
It takes time and practice to learn hammer control and develop the necessary strength. Start with a relatively light hammer of 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 pounds (700 to 1000 g). Work up in 1/4 pound (100 g) increments to a heavier weight. Listen to your body. Little pains can be warnings of future problems. -

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Ted Mays Tool Collection and Sale

Everything needed to outfit a complete forge shop!

Blacksmith fleamarket scenes from across the world with metalworking tools of all types.

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T H E   H O M E    O F:

Our Forums

The longest running metalworking forums on the Internet.

Why multiple forums? Each forum has a different purpose and have filled them well. It seems that different people have different preferences. Some folks are not comfortable posting in a chat, others are looking for varied opinions and prefer not to ask "the guru". Then there are those looking for factual answers without a wait, and we provide those on the guru's page.

The Guru's Den:
Ask a metalworking question and he or one of his helpers will answer. If he can't answer your metalworking question he will look it up or find someone else that knows the answer! Are you new to blacksmithing? The Guru loves to help you get started! Please read this before asking the Guru questions and Getting Started if you need to know where to start.

The Slack-Tub Pub ©
The longest active blacksmith chat on the net!
A meeting place for Artists, Blacksmiths, Craftsmen, Welders. Looking for metalworking comrades? This is the place! Discussion topics relative to all types of metal working. There you can slake your thirst for knowledge as well as friendship. The original home of the iForge classroom.

Virtual Hammer-In
A free-for-all (CLOSED for the time-being).

21st Century


An on line reference for Blacksmiths and other metal workers. Originally a book in progress. Included two feature pages, The anvilfire Armoury and the The anvilfire Story page.

Now a combined index with our FAQs.

anvilfire Armoury
We get a lot of questions about armor at anvilfire. Probably more questions about swords than any other.

anvilfire Story page
True blacksmith stories, historical novels, poetry, myths and legends about blacksmiths and blacksmithing. Featuring Jim "Paw-Paw" Wilson's serial The Revolutionary Blacksmith and the complete on-line version of James Nasmyth's Autobiography. I includes Ray Smiths Metalworking Origins Notebook.

anvilfire FAQs
A growing collection of Frequently Asked questions and their answers from the anvilfire forum archives

Glossary of Metalworking Terms
English glossary with index and definitions.

International Glossary
Metalworking term in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and others.

The Power hammer Page
A unique anvilfire! special features page. How to use, buy, build, repair and maintain forging machinery for the blacksmith shop. Machine specs, comparisons and more! Links to manufacturers world wide. Forging machines for sale.
AnvilCAM - II
We bring blacksmithing events to the World! NOW with streaming video and a growning library. Special live events, Video reviews, on-line video demos, tours and slide shows.
Includes step by step blacksmithing instructions for over 100! step by step projects! Includes safety topics and animated forging sequences. Featuring Bill Epps, James Joyce, 'Paw-Paw' Wilson, Dippy Duck and others. Produced by Andrew "Kiwi" Hooper and the anvilfire guru.
The Book Shelf
In depth book and video reviews. Sources for hard to find books. Featuring Paw-Paw's Corner.

Includes blacksmithing and bladesmithing video and CD reviews.

The Master's Plan File
Plans, drawings and ideas from the Guru's sketchbook.
The International Registry of Blacksmith's Touchmarks
Register your "touchmark" signature stamp here! Let the world know THIS is YOUR mark!
The anvilfire Industrial Directory
A list with links and addresses of our advertisers. A great resource for the metal craftsman.
anvilfire is one of the most targeted metal working market places on the Internet! Tens of thousands see our advertisers banners!

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Key Blacksmithing Resource
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We are the home and host of The Blacksmith's Ring, Steelworkers, Ancient Trades, and Country Life and Heritage web-rings

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