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Anvils in America, THE book about anvils

Blacksmithing and metalworking questions answered.

Blacksmithing and Metalworking Tools Historical Preservation.

Vise, Vice, Schraubstock, l'eteau, morsa, el tornillo de banco,
Herramientas para la venta, se vende,
yellicans, bankschroef, satu, imadlło Anvils Amboß Amboss, l'enclume, incudine, el yunque, bigornia,
städ, incus, aambeeld, batente, наковальня, kowadło

Anvils in America, THE book about anvils

Ted Mays Blacksmith Tool Collection

This is a 40 year collection of blacksmiths tools starting with Ted's grandfather's tools. The collection includes virtually everything you would find in a 20th century blacksmith shop and a large collection of miniature anvils (advertising and paper weights).

Click on thumbnail images blelow for detail images and descriptions.

About the Images: While all the images have been digitally processed to remove backgrounds, adjust lighting and add watermarks NO editing of the subjects was done. You are seeing exactly what was photographed. The collection will be a permanent addition to anvilfire after the sale.

Rare Hammer Atar Drill Anvil Tool
RARE Small Six Way Star Drill Tool
Hollands 54H 5" Combination Vise
3/4 in. bottom (Anvil) swage or set tool

Little Giant Hammer

Star Foundry Hammer

Geared Head Drill

Industrial AIr Compressor

Treadle Hammer

Specialty Vise

Stiching Horse

Farriers Stall Jack

Woodworkers Vise
Sure Grip Caulking Vise USA
Caulking Vise
Blacksmiths Leg Vise
65# Leg Vise - US
Columbian Vise
Columbian Bench Vise

33# Leg Vise
Vulcan Anvil
150# Vulcan Anvil
Vulcan Anvil
40# Vulcan Anvil
Swedish Anvil
150# Swedish Anvil
Bruce Daniels Farriers Anvil
Bruce Daniels
Limited Edition Anvil
Peter Wright Anvil
233# Peter Wright
Plater's Anvil
Plater's Anvil on Stand
Small Hay-Budden Anvil
Small Hay-Budden Anvil
Truck Forge
Centaur Truck Forge
Champion Down Draft Forge
Large Champion
Downdraft Forge
Buffalo Forge with Electric Blower and OEM Control
Buffalo Forge with
Electric Blower and OEM Control
Forge with Hand Crank Blower and Hood
Forge with Hand Crank Blower and Hood
Lever Operated Rivet Forge
Lever Operated Rivet Forge
Big Round Forge on Skid
Round Industrial Forge on Skid
Lever Operated Forge with Hood
Lever Operated Rectangular Forge with Hood
Antique Blacksmiths bellows
Antique Blacksmiths Bellows (lt. blue)
Very Large Blacksmiths bellows
Very Large Blacksmiths Bellows
Antique Blacksmiths bellows
Antique Blacksmith Bellows (red)
Large Grindstone on Stand
33.5 inch Grindstone on Stand
Large Grindstoen on Stand
21.5 inch Grindstone on Stand
3 Step Flat Belt Pulley
3 Step Pulley
Rectangular Swage Block
127 lb. Rectangular Swage Block
Old Square Industrial Swage Block
Old Square Industrial Swage Block
Nice Industrial Swage Block
Nice 16 Hole Industrial Swage Block
100 pound Industrial Swage Block
100 lb. Square Industrial Swage Block
Swage Block Stand
12 x 12 Swage Block Stand
Swage Block Stand
Champion Blower with Forge
Hand Crank Blower
Buffalo 500 Hand Crank Blower
Steel Forge Hood
8 in. Steel Forge Hood
Steel Forge Hood
7 in. Steel Forge Hood
Hand Crank Leather Slitting Machine
Hand Crank Leather Slitter/Cutter
Littletown Bench Vise
Small Littlestown Bench Vise
Littletown Bench Vise
Littlestown 30 lb. Bench Vise
Sheetmetal work blowhorn stake
Blowhorn Stake
Blacksmiths Stake anvil
Blacksmiths Stake Anvil
Antique Blacksmiths Stake anvil
Antique Blacksmiths Stake Anvil
Blacksmiths Stake anvil
Blacksmiths Stake Anvil
Bickern (Beak Iron)
Hand-Crank Drill Press
Cole Hand Crank Drill (Old Man)
Hand-Crank Drill Press
Champion Hand Crank Drill Press
Hand-Crank Drill Press
No-Name Champion Drill Press Copy
Champion 200 Hand Crank Post Drill
Champion No. 200 Post Drill
Champion Hand Crank Blower
Small Champion Hand Crank Blower
Universal Machinery Blower
Universal Equipment Blower
Champion 60B Blower
Champion 60B Civil Defense Blower
Champion 60C Blower
Champion 60C Civil Defense Blower
Belknap Hot Blast Hand Crank Blower
Belknap Hot Blast No. 60 Blower
Lancaster Hand Crank Blower
Champion Lancaster Gear Co Blower No 40.
Buffalo Forge, Buffalo, NY CLIMAX Blower
Buffalo Forge CLIMAX Blower
Champion Forge Blower w/ OEM Bracket
Champion Forge Blower w/ OEM Bracket
Champion No. 202 Post Drill
Champion No. 202 Post Drill
Pexto Flat Stake Anvil
Pexto No. 965 Flat Stake Arm Anvil
Hammer Drill Anvil Tool
Hammer (Star) Drill Sharpening Tool
Rare Hammer Drill Anvil Tool
Six Way Drill Sharpening Tool

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